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Month: January 2021

A Few Words About the Word

Through a combination of circumstances and choices following the death of my first wife, I entered a period of intense study of the Bible, bringing to it the same skills, intensity, and focus that I brought to technical learning. I

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The Puzzle of Life

My wife spends a good bit of time working on jigsaw puzzles, a pastime well-suited to our lives in a senior apartment complex under the safety constraints of the covert epidemic. I often reflect on the way many folks seem

Developing a Worldview

As a child I grew up in a home full of children. I had an older sister and a younger brother, but the house was a tumble of others, morning until evening, every weekday, every week. Mom ran an informal

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Holy Water (Acoustic)

Your forgiveness; Is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips; Like the sound of a symphony to my ears; Like Holy water on my skin

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